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SASI’s roots go back 10 years to the Inspiring Girls Experience (IGE), a monthly (life-changing) get together with some of my best female friends – many of whom did not know each other well when we started. That soon changed as we brought our real, whole selves to the conversation each month, connecting and sharing our thoughts, fears, and triumphs.

The reflections and insights from IGE, for me, evolved into SASI, a personal guide that helped me visualize and transition to a new soulspace during our move to southern Utah seven years ago. I committed to being more soulful, authentic, strong, and inspiring, and to staying open to what that means for me each day. Even so, I fell off the proverbial SASI wagon a few times, torn between the ease of living in the status quo and the call of my soul to fully embrace Rumi’s advice and “let the beauty I love be what I do.” 2017 was an ‘awakening year’ (if you’ve been through one of those you SO know what I’m talking about) and now SASI is a start-up company with purpose and heart, dedicated to investing in the power of girls and women to be our soulful-authentic-strong-inspring selves and build a stronger world for all.

As I rekindle my writing fire and share thoughts, stories, and learnings here, I will also be sharing past posts from the Inspiring-Girls-Experience-turned-SASI-blog of yesteryear. They are beautiful reminders to me of how important it is to stay connected with, and openly share, my heart and soul. I hope you’ll take a long ride on the wagon with me this time around. I know from experience that staying on is totally worth the effort.

Much love,


Summer Snow Globe

ORIGINALLY POSTED Thursday, May 9, 2013

Since my personal leap into the arena of daring greatly, I’ve found myself over and over reflecting on the powerful, inspirational energy created when women come together with genuine intent, and share their light.

My most notable reflection on this point came at 2 AM last Saturday morning as I sat on our boat at Lake Powell under a pitch black sky blazing with the brilliance of a zillion stars.  The moon had yet to rise, and the 360 degree view, from horizon to horizon and as high as I could imagine, was mesmerizing.  Sandstone cliffs were dimly lit in the distance, the sound of gently rippling water tickled the night, and I was all alone in the conscious silence of this heavenly place.

I felt like a tiny creature looking up from the base of a summer snow globe.


Breathe in the powerful light of so many individuals coming together….feel it….absorb it….remember it….

Immense, natural, brilliant.  

Just like SASI.  

The coming together of sparkling individuals to create a palpable power; sharing it; reflecting it; being it.

I realized in that moment that defining and living our SASI is important for us as independent, powerful women, yes; and the importance is magnified thousands of times over when we stop to consider (and allow ourselves to be a part of and touched by) the coming together of so many individually sparkling beings.  

So in the spirit of IGE and SASI, I invite you to continue to step into the arena with me and help harness the power of our individual SASIs. Together, we will light our beloved globe with our collective brilliance.


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