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SASI is movement that celebrates the Soulful-Authentic-Strong-Inspiring power of girls and women, a celebration of our unique talents and gifts, and a place where we connect, succeed, and thrive to build a stronger world for all!

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SASI Speaker Series and SASI Book Club, we invest in the power of girls’ creativity, connection, and leadership development, giving them a chance to learn about different life paths and choices, examine their unique dreams, gifts and talents, and build meaningful friendships and leadership skills for life.

SASI Shoppe (in development) is a Marketplace with a Mission to spark economic power through female entrepreneurship. Our motto is “Buy quality. Buy local. By girls & women!”

SASI Blog and SASI Spotlights inspire sparkle and action with motivating, educational content and stories.


Meet the team that brings SASI to life!

Shirlayne Quayle

Shirlayne Quayle


Mom. Designer. Renovator.

Founded SASI because choosing to be and live a Soulful-Authentic-Strong-Inspiring life transforms hers, and sharing good things is the best kind of work one can do!


Jaxin Quayle

Founder, SASI Book Club

Created SASI Book Club at age 9 because "I love to read & want to share it!"


Stefnee McMullin


Tara Freiberg

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